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Our Methodology

Mind Reprogramming

We are building an ultimate framework to reprogram your mind. Get access to resources, books and material.


Motivation dies quickly. Personal accountability makes it possible to achieve goals without getting lost. Get accountability for your recovery.


We are sum average of 5 people around us. Join the community of people like you who are living a better life, every single day.


Heal your wounds and express yourself in a safe, non-judgemental environment and grow to the ultimate version of yourself.

My Journey

I am Himu, a recovered (well! it's always recovering to be honest) consumer turned into a self-taught practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and self-hypnosis.

I was introduced to it at the age of 12 by a senior student of mine in a boys school. It started with "it feels good" and within few years, escalated into an unstoppable addiction quickly. Within next 13 years, I turned into an under confident, scared and shy boy. For the 13 years of my life, I thought this is who I am...

You see! it does not only change your habits or abilities; Slowly but eventually, it changes You. Your beliefs become different, your values get spoiled and it manifests into a miserable life without any long term goals, ambitions and dry human connections.

Later, I realised I had severe consequences of my long term consumption including inability to talk to opposite gender, questioning sexuality and ability to love people without objectifying their bodies. 

Years later, after a heartbreaking incident I went on my journey to explore the cure for myself. But there was big challenge! Internet is an overwhelming place with tens of opinions and cults around. Most of the recovery platforms were full of toxic discussions and negativity. I wanted something else! 

I was looking to reclaim purity of my soul and break free of mediocrity that it took away from me... So I created my own path to freedom!

I taught myself NLP, started reading books and gratefully, I came across people who gave me a safe space to express my struggles without making judgements. Years later, I have created this website to help others like me.

My mission is to help men break free of non-serving habits and reclaim their personal freedom without selling their soul.

You can join the journey by downloading Free 30 days Unplugging blueprint. 

Be amazing!


We are building a safe space for spiritual men and women working towards their recovery from p.

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Why Unplug Nation Exists

Because you shouldn't be alone in this fight. I have been there. Going to Reddit, Facebook, Instagram in the hope of finding a safe place to support my journey but to realise these become reasons for relapse.

If you are a spiritual person working on your way out from the grip of internet induced dopamine addiction, Unplug nation is your home. 

Join the Tribe

Stay accountable to yourself and join the community of spiritually aligned men and women. 

Join the Tribe

Stay accountable and join others who choose to live a porn free life EVERY F*KCING DAY