Ultimate Guide to Blocking Adult Websites on Your Phone

block adult websites from your phone

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Looking to block adult websites on your smartphone for yourself or the youngsters in your life? 

Once you will block porn and other triggering content, it becomes much easier to sticky to your desired habits and makes it harder to reach unwanted content. If you are a parent of young kids, limiting access to adult content by using the below instruction can save your child from falling into wrong directions.

There are multiple ways to filter out the stuff you don't want to see and create a safe browsing experience on your mobile device. So, let's jump in and learn how to block adult content on phone, explore some effective third-party apps, and take control of our digital lives!

Adult sites are more than just a nuisance. They can interrupt your flow, expose you to unsavory content, and even lead to awkward situations. Plus, they're notorious for harboring security threats like malware.

Safe Web Browsing: Getting the Basics Right

Before we dive into mobile-specific techniques, let's discuss a critical first line of defense: enabling SafeSearch. It's your go-to for web filtering techniques, filtering out explicit content in search results on Google and other popular browsers.

It’s like your own personal bouncer, keeping the bad stuff out of your online party. 

However, this might not be enough to keep your old established habits and accidental pitfalls. The next section will help you understand how you can block porn websites completely from your phone.

You can enable Safe browsing settings by going to your default browser's setting option. If it's android, it is most likely Chrome. You can use the instructions from official blog for doing it. On iPhone, directly going to the setting as I have mentioned below is the effective solution.

Blocking Adult Content on Android

android block porn site settings

Google's Family Link app is your new best friend for blocking undesired sites. This handy application allows you to manage apps, set screen time, and even restrict mature content. It's like having your own personal security guard for your smartphone.

Here is a step by step guide to block adult websites on android:

A Detailed 5-Step Plan to Block Adult Websites on Android

  1. Enable Google SafeSearch:
    • Open the Google app on your Android device.
    • Tap 'More' at the bottom right of the screen, then 'Settings', then 'General'.
    • Turn on the 'SafeSearch filter' switch.
  2. Use Google's Family Link App:
    • Download and install the Family Link for Parents app from Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and follow the prompts to set up an account for your child.
    • Once set up, you can control the Google services your child can access and filter out adult content.
  3. OpenDNS Configuration:
    • Go to 'Settings' then 'Wi-Fi' on your Android device.
    • Press and hold your finger on the network you want to change the DNS settings for, then tap 'Modify network'.
    • Tap 'Advanced options', then change 'IP settings' to 'Static'.
    • Enter and in the 'DNS 1' and 'DNS 2' fields.
  4. BlockSite Application:
    • Install the BlockSite app from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and follow the prompts to enable it in your phone's settings.
    • Once enabled, you can add websites to your block list, or block categories of websites, like adult sites.
  5. Chrome Browser Restrictions:
    • Open Chrome and tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.
    • Tap 'Settings', then 'Site settings', then 'Content'.
    • Here, you can add specific sites to your block list.

For network level protection, OpenDNS configuration is your ace. It extends the umbrella of protection to all devices connected to your network, including your Android phone. 

Blocking Adult Content on iOS

iphone block porn site settings

For the Apple iPhone and iPad users, start by enabling Screen Time on your iOS device. This simple feature not only keeps track of your app usage but also lets you set content and privacy restrictions.

With a few taps, you can block adult content from slipping onto your screen.

A Detailed 5-Step Plan to Block Adult Websites on iPhone

  1. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions:
    • Go to 'Settings', then 'Screen Time'.
    • Tap 'Turn On Screen Time' if it's not already on, then tap 'Continue'.
    • Tap 'Use Screen Time Passcode' to create a passcode, then tap 'Content & Privacy Restrictions'.
    • Enter your passcode, then turn on 'Content & Privacy Restrictions'.
  2. Limit Adult Websites:

      • Under 'Content & Privacy Restrictions', tap 'Content Restrictions', then 'Web Content'.
      • Tap 'Limit Adult Websites'.
  3. Use Apple's Family Sharing Feature:
    • Go to 'Settings', tap your Apple ID, then 'Set Up Family Sharing', then 'Get Started'.
    • Follow the prompts to invite family members and set up content and privacy restrictions.
  4. Safari Browser Restrictions:
    • Go to 'Settings', then 'Screen Time', then 'Content & Privacy Restrictions'.
    • Tap 'Content Restrictions', then 'Web Content'.
    • Choose 'Limit Adult Websites' under Web Content to restrict access to adult websites on Safari.
  5. Use Siri Restrictions:
    • Go to 'Settings', then 'Screen Time', then 'Content & Privacy Restrictions'
    • Tap 'Content Restrictions', then scroll down to 'Siri', then 'Web Search Content'.
    • Here, you can prevent Siri from showing explicit content

Apple's Family Sharing feature takes it a step further, enabling you to manage and moderate content across multiple devices. Apps like NetNanny and OurPact are parental control reinvented, allowing you to filter web content, block apps, and monitor your phone's activities. We will get into available third party content blockers in some moments.

Other Proactive Measures

Ever thought of using a VPN for enhancing privacy? A VPN isn't just for bypassing geo-restrictions. It also provides an extra layer of security by encrypting your data, making secure browsing on mobile a breeze.

However, note that using the right VPN is very important as your personal data might be at risk if the VPN application is not trustworthy.

Applications and your phone settings can only do this much. Avoiding pornographic content and living a healthy life requires some critical changes.

Third party apps for blocking adult websites

Other than free solutions I discussed above, if you are willing to pay some price and add an extra reliable layer of safety, third party apps can be useful to go for. We have listed down the best apps that can help you block adult content on iOS and android.

While, nothing is fool-proof, these apps can give you tremendous control and make it very hard to crack. These can be useful for you as a conscious parent or someone who is looking to avoid porn content and going through recovery.


One of the most trusted names in parental control software, NetNanny offers a comprehensive suite of tools for blocking inappropriate content. The software can filter out adult content in real-time, ensuring that new or unclassified websites are appropriately screened.

With options to mask profanity, block specific websites, and limit internet usage, NetNanny gives you complete control over your child's online experience.


OurPact is a parental control tool and family locator in one. It lets parents block texting, apps, and internet access across multiple platforms. Additionally, OurPact provides a GPS locator to keep track of family members.

One unique feature is the ability to set up schedules, which automatically block certain apps at predetermined times. OurPact has a tiered pricing structure, with the free tier offering limited blocking capabilities and the $6.99/month tier offering unlimited blocking and full location tracking.

Safe Surfer

This app provides a safe browsing environment by blocking adult content, enforcing safe search on major search engines, and providing reports on internet usage. 

Safe Surfer also provides protection against phishing and malware sites, adding an additional layer of security. It’s free to download and offers a premium subscription for $49.99 per year which includes additional features like customizable block categories and a broader range of controls.


Designed for supervising, managing, and protecting your child's device use, Qustodio provides a suite of features including internet filtering, application blocking, time restrictions, and even monitoring of calls and texts.

Qustodio is unique in its social network monitoring, offering insight into your child's activities on social media platforms. Prices start at $54.95 per year for up to five devices.

Norton Family Parental Control

From the well-known provider of antivirus software, Norton Family provides tools to see what your children are doing online and limit their access to inappropriate content. Features include web filtering, time scheduling, personal information protection, and instant lock.

Norton Family provides detailed reports of your child's online activity and sends email alerts when they attempt to access blocked content. It’s included at no extra cost with Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium, which starts at $49.99/year.

If you have been exposed to adult content, images and videos it might be a good idea to join the community where you can find other people regularly working on themselves so you can stay accountable. 


Can I block adult content on my smartphone for free?

Absolutely. Both Android and iPhone offer built-in features that allow you to block adult content, such as Google's SafeSearch and Apple's Screen Time settings. These can be effective, but for more comprehensive control, third-party apps may be worth considering.

Do third-party apps offer better control for blocking adult content on smartphones?

Third-party apps often provide more granular control over content blocking, time limits, and app restrictions. They may also offer additional features like real-time alerts and usage reports. But remember, these apps often come with a cost.

Are third-party content blocking apps safe to use?

While most third-party apps are safe to use, always do your research before installing any app. Check reviews, privacy policies, and any permissions the app requests. Opt for well-known apps like NetNanny, OurPact, or Norton Family.

Can adult content be blocked on all browsers?

Content blocking settings are typically applied across the device and should affect all browsers. But, some browsers may have additional settings or may not fully respect device-level blocks. Using the device's default browser (Safari for iPhone, Chrome for Android) often provides the best results.

Can I block specific websites instead of blocking all adult content?

Yes, both Android and iPhone allow you to block specific websites. On Android, you can use the BlockSite app, and on iPhone, you can use Screen Time settings to manually input and block specific websites.

What should I do if I accidentally block a site or want to unblock a site?

If you accidentally block a site or want to unblock a site, you can usually do this in the settings of the feature or app you're using to block content.

The process will vary depending on the method used, but it usually involves going into the settings and removing the site from a 'blocked' list. But make sure to not make it an excuse to un block a porn website.

Can I block all adult content?

You can significantly reduce exposure by using the methods outlined, but no solution is 100% foolproof. Regularly updating your settings and apps will help maintain robust protection.


In the wild web, it's essential to have the tools and know-how to block inappropriate sites. By making use of content filtering features on Android and iOS, and enabling SafeSearch, you can create a more secure and comfortable digital space.

Blocking adult content isn't just about peace of mind. It's also about taking control of your digital life. So gear up, take charge, and remember: You're the boss of your browsing experience. If you want to join a healthy community of men and women working on quitting porn, join Unplug Nation.

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