Reduce hyper stimulus and regain normal healthy mental state along with me

Would you enjoy an so-called unsexy, "boring" yet healthier, happier life, away from IG models, internet porn usage and compulsive screen habits? So you can recoganize your spiritual self and claim personal freedom again. 

Self paced program with frequent reminders to keep you going


Self paced program. No sign up required. Free accountability group

Here is the tasks. Follow them along by yourself. But if you need a helping hand, join the Unplug Nation and ask for an accountability partner.

  • Keeping the phone away while sleeping at night. MASSIVE.
  • No phone for the first 1 hr. I am free to do anything, but... NO SCREEN allowed.
  • Keeping a water bottle close to my bed so I can immediately drink water after waking up. Instantly brings attention back to the body.
  • 5 Scroll rule: STOP any infinite scroll within 5 scrolls. Force yourself. Infinite scroll fucks up with the dopamine circuit. It's hard, but this is the first cue.
  • Night Cleansing routine: Routines are powerful. Add your spiritual beliefs to it, and it works like magic. For example, I love a nice Sleep, so I will take a shower before going to bed every day. with a clear mind and a clean body. No phone, no screen after it. The feeling of cleaning is incredible.
  • Work out every day. Even for 20 minutes, but EVERY SINGLE DAY. And No! Walking will not be counted.
  • No listening to toxic positive, motivational videos. I know... seems unharmful, but this is not different from other fucked up stuff. No instant feeling of growth. No shortcut.

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There is nothing to lose but your unserving habits. There is nothing to pay... BUT YOUR COMMITMENT and word. Are you in?


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