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The Nofap or of abstaining from pornography (PMO as popularly known as) use has grown popular thanks to its touted benefits like better focus, confidence and self-control. Over 500,000 on Reddit plus dedicated forums pursue this, indicating the common struggles many face with excessive adult content viewing.

PMO is referred as porn masturbation and orgasm.

Attempting this alone sees 63% fallback into old habits within weeks when cravings intensify and emotional hurdles emerge. And it goes without saying, harms of porn addiction are clear. People have reported PEID or porn-induced erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual and emotional satisfaction and much more.

By plugging into supportive communities, the path becomes more tenable. When you are going through Nofap, space to share progress, gain insight from allies similarly committed and stay motivated, build knowledge can help enormously.

The New Kind of Movement - Unplug Nation

While the NoFap subreddit provides a loosely-connected starting point, many yearn for deeper personal bonds beyond reacting to posts in isolation. Some also report Redditor cycles of enthusiastic introductions and check-ins during the initial 30 days, followed by a majority lapsing after acute urges arise.

This indicates the need for persistent mutual accountability and guidance tailored to one's unique backstory versus generalized tips alone.

That sparked the creation of more tight-knit tribes outside the Reddit umbrella focused on candid vulnerability, tactical circulation and consistent coordination advancing members to higher levels.

Unplug Nation arose seeking to foster this by uniting members worldwide into one digital yet intimate crew. By bonding through weekly blog posts, Telegram community and regularly published research work, the directive is helping men feel uplifted, understood and equipped to permanently walk away from unhealthy addictions and mindsets holding them back.

We are also creating official tools and programs to support men in their journey.

Unplugged for Browser

Free Chrome plugin to avoid explicit content and distracting website. It helps you during your Nofap journey.

Yet the vision driving Unplug Nation extends beyond just resisting pornography itself to permanently evolving members into fully actualized men. While eradicating destructive digital dependencies sits at the foundation, the community takes a more holistic stance on nurturing every dimension for total life enrichment.

This means supplying tactics targeting not solely nofap success but also productive habits, mindset upgrades, emotional intelligence building, relationship skills and more. The directive is helping men step into the highest expressions of themselves across health, passion pursuits, self-awareness and social connections.

By taking an integrated approach fixing the root Versus surface-level, the goal is awakening the deepest joy, intentions and agency within every man.

How Groups Fortify Your Nofap Commitment

Studies reveal implementing formal accountability practices dramatically aids nofap efforts. Whether via digital forums or real-life partner check-ins, you feel motivated knowing comrades depend on your discipline. If you are going through Nofap flatline or simply trying to live a porn free life, accountability can be vital. 

Such communities also foster open dialogues reducing feelings of shame while supplying practical advice as challenges occur. For example, Unplug Nation members circulation redirection strategies helping dwell less on temptation triggers.

By also eliminating connections enabling poor habits, you gain further motivation from only surrounding yourself with positive influences moving forward.

Creating Your Own Support Network

To make permanent progress beyond 30-90 day periods, building a toolkit and roster empowering your specific needs is ideal. Identify like-minded acquaintances able to share advice or reconnect with lapsed friends providing healthy camaraderie.

Set aside time alone to uncover thought patterns enabling addiction then create affirmations countering those. Note activities you enjoy aiding mindfulness too - perhaps journaling, sports or music exploration.

Establish incremental abstinence goals fueled by milestone rewards. Measure progress via abstinence apps. Learn techniques managing stress, thus reducing urges to relapse during trying times.

Additional Resources

While fellowship support fuels success, extra knowledge accelerates growth. Top nofap forums like and Reddit’s NoFap provide tips from those with substantial porn-free tenures. Fortify mindset via apps like Fortify too. For traumatic memory support, contact counseling bodies like the APA.

And for further personalised assistance, access the exclusive Unplug Nation Telegram group or explore free email mini-courses. Details below.

Join the Nation

With the right community and self-care tactics, freedom from destructive cycles is possible. Unplug Nation provides camaraderie, wisdom and accountability supporting your nofap mission. You possess the power to actualize an incredible life - now boldly walk through the door.

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