What are you running from?

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Can you answer this for me?

Or for yourself!

What triggers you and forces you to scroll your Instagram reels endlessly? What makes you feel so miserable that you desire to hide in secret and watch some naked bodies for your pleasure?

What is that?

Without knowing what you are running from, it is hard to begin. Because in the process of freedom, you will be asked hard questions. And if you can’t answer these questions or your mind turns numb, you will fail.

If you ask me, how do I know? Because I have been there. In the last 13 years of my struggle, I have seen my mind making the best excuses to relapse. And every time I relapsed, it was something I was running away from.

But here is a good part: Once you will get a diary and pen and sit down to actually write down: What are you running from? And answer this hard question: Things will become easier.

They say life is a paradox. When you try to live an easy life, it becomes hard. And when you make hard choices, life becomes easy.

What choices are you making today?

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